Monday, December 5, 2011

Lexmark E260d -- Ticking Noise

We had a Lexmark warranty E260d come in making a ticking noise -- it turned out that there's a flat spot on the redrive assembly's delivery exit roller that's causing the noise. (A replacement redrive assembly is P/N 40X5372.)

To confirm a flat-spotted delivery exit roller, remove the redrive assembly and spin the input gear slowly with your thumb. You'll be able to feel the 'detent' effect as the flat spot arrives at its pinch roller. Blacken one of the delivery exit roller's drive gear teeth with a marker, and you'll see that the effect coincides with each full revolution of the delivery exit roller. Here's a view of what I've just been on about.

We got a new redrive assembly from Lexmark, and the new one has a flat-spotted delivery exit roller as well. It appears that all E260d delivery exit rollers are likely to acquire flat spots.

Anyway, for what it's worth, here's the procedure to access the redrive assembly for replacement. The new redrive assembly was quieter, but it still ticked.

Feel free to tell customers who complain of the redrive's ticking noise, "That's normal. They all do that."

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