Monday, December 12, 2011

IBM 4232-302 -- Power Supply Removal

Proceed as follows:

1) Cover off.

2) Forms Device
- Remove it.

3) Left Side Air Deflector
- It slips off the frame rearward and upward. There's a rightward-projecting pin on it that the rear shield interferes with a bit.

4) Right Side Air Deflector
- One M4x10mm slotted hex washerhead screw (6mm A/F hex).
- Free the control panel cable from its clip at the right side.
- Lift the deflector off the frame while flexing the rear shield A/R.

5) Rear Shield
- At left side, two M4.5x10mm hex washerhead threading screws(7mm A/F hex).
- At right side, one M5x8mm hex washerhead screw (8mm A/F hex). Just back it out till it's clear of the rear shield.
- Lift the rear shield out.

6) Ground Braid
- One M4x10mm pan head screw w/captive flat washer.

7) Green Ground Wire at Left Side
- One M4x10mm hex washerhead screw (7mm A/F hex) at left side vertical chassis member.

8) Power Supply
- Cable connection at J6.
- Three M4.5x16mm hex washerhead threading screws.

# # #

# # #

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