Wednesday, December 7, 2011

IBM 4232-302 -- Printhead Removal

The printhead is held in place by a wire bail and an eccentric. Both the eccentric and the wire bail are removed to permit the printhead to come out. Proceed as follows:

1) Ribbon Cartridge

2) Blue Cable Connector Retaining Clip

3) Cable Connector
- NOTE that the connector can go back on in either of two positions. The rightward position is the normal position. When in that position, the word "RUN" can be seen to the left of the connector. When the connector is installed in the leftward position, the word "TEST" can be seen to the right of the connector.

4) Eccentric
- Rotate its paddles upward and towards the platen. Remove it.

5) Wire Bail
- Spread it to remove it.

6) Printhead
- Lift it out.

# # #

# # #

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