Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lexmark X215 Paper Tray Differences

Later machines have a feature added that makes early paper trays incompatible with later chassis. An early paper tray in a later chassis will not close properly, resulting in pickup failures.

The added feature is automatic lowering and latching of the paper tray's paper platform as the tray is withdrawn.

The feature consists of a linear cam in the chassis' left side way, and a corresponding actuator attached to the left side of the tray's paper platform. When the tray is withdrawn, the cam strikes the actuator and forces the paper platform down. Owing to the cam's position, it interferes with complete closure of early trays.

There appears to be no retrofit available.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lexmark X215 'Door Open' Message

The cover open switch is a lever-operated microswitch at the right front corner of the power supply PCA. A black plasic lever on the chassis' right side actuates it when the front door is closed.

If you're getting false 'door open' messages after having removed and reinstalled the electronics pan, it's probably because you got the switch's lever over top of the black plastic lever instead of underneath it as you were putting the electronics pan in place.

Fortunately, there's no need to take the electronics pan back out. Just remove the rear and the right side covers. The black plastic lever will be accessible. Take out the lever's screw, correct the lever's position and reassemble.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Lexmark X215 Pickup Roller Replacement

The pickup roller with its square shaft and bearings are removed and replaced as an assembly.

1) Cartridge

2) Paper Tray

3) Rear Cover
> Four M3x10mm bright washerhead threading screws. Two of them are very low down in deep wells.
> Tug the cover rearward to remove it.
> MIND the parallel connector's bails when reinstalling this cover.

4) Right Side Cover (Optional. It's not necessary to remove this cover, but with it removed, the machine won't rock when it's laid on its right side.)
> Tug the cover forcefully rearward to remove it.

5) Left Side Cover
> Disconnect the speaker.
> Tug the cover forcefully rearward to remove it.

6) Drivetrain Assembly
> NOTE the green ground wire at the upper centre screw.
> Six M3x10mm bright washerhead threading screws.
> One cable connection.

7) Electronics Pan
> Four cable connections in view at the rear.
> Two M3x10mm bright washerhead threading screws at the rear. NOTE the black ground wire at the left side screw.
> Lay the machine on its right side.
> Ten M3x10mm bright washerhead threading screws from underneath. NOTE that two of the screws are accessed through 10mm diameter holes in the pan.
> CAUTION: Two of the following seven cable connections can be transposed. They're the two smallest two-conductor connections -- CN4 and CN6. You may want to mark one of them to preclude transposing them.
> Seven cable connections.

8) Gear Support Plate at Front Left
> Three M3x10mm bright washerhead threading screws.

9) Pickup Clutch
> Pull it straight off. NOTE that it's indexed to go on only one way.

10) Pickup Roller w/Shaft
> The left side bearing has a claw. Release the claw and the bearing can be slid rightward, enabling removal of the item.

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